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Our Girls:

River is loyal, affectionate, gentle girl
She is beautiful inside and out 
She is a great Mom, attentive 
and loving
Her sire is an import with 
Champions throughout, along 
with solid health testing in pedigree

Health Testing on River: 
Hips:  OFA Fair 
Hips:  PennHip:  .64(R)/.63(L) - Normal 
Elbows:  Normal 
Heart:  Normal by Cardiologist 
Patellas:  Normal 
Cystinuria:  Cleared via DNA Test
130 pounds

Bennie is an incredible girl.  She is calm, sweet, playful, loving and so very caring. 
The perfect Newf, physically and emotionally.  
Bennie's grandmother starred in a tv commercial,
so fun to watch.
Bennie is 3rd generation GG Newf
We love our beautiful Bennie, and you will love her beautiful pups!

Health testing on Bennie:
Hips:  OFA Fair
PennHip:  .47 Right/ .44 Left (Normal)
Elbows:  OFA Normal
Heart:  OFA Normal via Cardiologist
Patellas:  OFA Normal
Cystinuria:  Cleared via Parentage
135 pounds

Roz is a sweet girl.  She is fourth generation GGNewf.
  I love her bloodlines. 
If health testing is important to you,
she has health testing throughout the generations. 
If champion bloodlines are important,
she has those as well. 
Her personality and the personalities of her
ancestors are what I love about Roz. 
She is calm and loving, and 
sometimes a goofy Newfie!  
You just gotta love Roz!

OFA Hips:  Good
PennHip: .35 Left/ .37 Right (Normal)
OFA Elbows:  Normal
Patellas:  Normal
Heart: Normal via Cardiologist
Cystinuria:  Cleared via DNA Test
135 pounds

Mia is a sweet, gentle, and loving girl.  She is the daughter of Steele, and super chill just like her dad. 

Health Testing on Mia:  
PennHip:  .34 (R)/.57 (L)- Normal 
OFA Hips:  Fair 
Elbows:  Normal
Heart:  Normal by Cardiologist
Patellas:  Normal 
Cystinuria clear by parentage
140 pounds

Maggie is a very smart girl
Attentive, affectionate and loving
She is 3rd generation GGN from 
healthy bloodlines 

Maggie Health Testing: 
OFA Hips:  Fair 
Hips PennHip:  .60L/.51 R - Normal 
Elbows Normal 
Heart:  Normal by Cardiologist 
Patellas:  Normal 
Cystinuria Clear by parentage 
125 pounds



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