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  Our Boys:

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Our sweet, loving Sulley has been such a joy to raise.  He is loyal, affectionate, and loves everyone!
Sulley sires intelligent, beautiful, loyal pups

Health Testing on Sulley:
Hips:  PennHip left .47/right .49 (Normal)
Elbows:  Normal 
Heart:  Normal via Cardiologist 
Patellas:  Normal
Cystinuria:  Clear via DNA test
140 pounds


Kip is an amazing Landseer male.  Solid build, wide chest, absolutely beautiful. 
He is fun to be around, playful, gentle, and affectionate. 
He's 3rd generation GGN. 

Health Testing: 
Hips PennHip:  .45 R/ .54 L - Normal 
Elbows:  Normal 
Heart Normal via Cardiologist
Patellas Normal  
Cystinuria Cleared by Parentage
150 pounds






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