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  Our Boys:

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Our sweet, loving Sulley has been such a joy to raise.  He is loyal, affectionate, and loves everyone!
Sulley sires intelligent, beautiful, loyal pups

Health Testing on Sulley:
Hips:  PennHip left .47/right .49 (Normal)
Elbows:  Normal 
Heart:  Normal via Cardiologist 
Patellas:  Normal
Cystinuria:  Clear


Kip is an amazing Landseer male.  Solid build, wide chest, absolutely beautiful. 
He is fun to be around, playful, gentle, and affectionate. 
He is 3rd generation GGN. 

Health Testing: 
Hips PennHip:  .45 R/ .54 L - Normal 
Elbows:  Normal 
Heart Normal via Cardiologist
Patellas Normal  
Cystinuria Cleared by Parentage






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