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About Us & Our Newfoundland Dogs

It all started in 1997, with a lengthy conversation with my Mom.  My Mom and Grandmother were both dog breeders and I was raising a young family seeking the perfect companion for my young children.  I asked her for suggestions.
She handed me the AKC breed standard book.  I read it from front to back, everything - this was before Internet! 
I kept returning to the pages describing the Newfoundland dog.
We discovered the Newf is more than just a "dog,"
It's impossible to explain unless talking to another Newf owner.

We acquired our first Newf in 1997, as a pet,
with no intentions of ever breeding.
After all, my family had raised dogs for years
and it was the last thing I wanted to do !
I laugh at the irony;
I love what I do.

Pictured below is my daughter, me, Mom, Grandmother
picture taken 1994

Over 55 years cumulative breeding experience


Bear (our first Newfoundland) April 20, 1997

A Newf
The Dog Stole Our Hearts
When my children were very little, a Newf "helped" raise all of them!  We found "Bear" from a neighbor down the road breeding a couple of Newfies he owned.  This gentle, giant, black male Newf absolutely stole our hearts.  My children were very little then, one not even born yet, and I was amazed at how much tugging, hugs, and burying in sandpiles this dog would endure without complaint.  If he got tired of their attention, he simply moved to a different spot.  So, so gentle. 
Bear is greatly missed since his passing.

And, then we can talk about Nala....  In a hurry, I acquired the first Newf I could find (via a local newspaper ad).  Nala was four months old and a real bargain.  We discovered she'd never been played with or outside of a cage.  We struggled through the temperament problems and training issues.  Over the years, Nala had many health issues appear, many surgeries, medications, and pain relievers.  My "bargain" turned into my most expensive pet, ever. 
Times have changed since Bear and Nala. 
To put the 1990's in perspective, we acquired our first "bag" cell phone (with 25 free monthly minutes) in 1994 and
google became a reality in 1998. 
Yes, times have changed.
The internet has allowed us the opportunity to reach beyond the "closest" breeder.
A buyer is able to do their research and find a responsible breeder.

Nala after one of her many surgeries

I am dedicated to ensuring a pup that leaves our home is played with, loved, and taught basic training and interaction skills.  I health test my adult Newfs and research their pedigree to ensure a healthy pup with a gentle Newf temperament for your family.   
Our goal is to provide a great companion with good health and gentle temperament. Our family spends endless hours socializing and playing with our pets.  All of our Newfies have healthy backgrounds and pedigrees, which if not already shown on this site, I will gladly provide for you.  We feed a highly nutritious food to our pets and their health is our number one priority.  
I think all dogs are special and we have had other breeds come into our lives; however, I am hooked on the Newfoundland breed and believe they are a great addition to a home.  If you have questions and wonder if it'll be the right fit for your family, please let me know and perhaps I can assist you with this important decision.
The puppies are all AKC  purebred registered Newfoundlands.  We are located in North Central Kansas.  You are welcome to pick up your puppy; however, if traveling is a problem, we can arrange for safe transportation.
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