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Explanation of health clearances
under Newf Health


Champion Sired STEELE
"Clowndog's Always Right"
Steele is a beautiful gray boy and he is as sweet as he is beautiful.  Every day with him is a complete joy.  Such a big lover.  He has a thick, shiny and wavy coat.  He is a lover, snuggler and is playful.  Steele is gentle, calm, and affectionate.  Steele was born in Canada and moved to the United States to join our home.  He is a big boy and his pups are amazing! 
Health Clearances on Steele:
OFA Hips:  Excellent
OFA Elbows:  Normal
OFA Patellas:  Normal 
OFA Heart:  Normal via Cardiologist
OFA Cystinuria:  Clear thru DNA Test
Steele is fourth generation OFA Excellent!


"Gentle Giant Enters A Hero"

Our sweet, loving Sulley has been such a joy to raise.  He is loyal, affectionate, and loves everyone!
Sulley holds a special place in my heart.  His grandparents are our special King George and Little Bear.  His Mom is Baby Bear, I raised from a pup.  I was thrilled with the opportunity to bring these bloodlines back to GG Newfs.

Health Testing on Sulley:
Hips:  PennHip left .47/right .49 - top 30% of Breed
Elbows:  Normal 
Heart:  Normal via Cardiologist
Patellas:  Normal
Cystinuria:  Clear






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