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Diet, Supplements, & Healthcare
Caring For Your Newfoundland
Become a firm believer in diet, supplements, environmental factors, and proper exercise in the outcome of a happy, long life with your pet. 
Think of the development as 100% genetics, followed by 100% environment. 
 Genetic considerations are the entirety of responsible breeding. 
Once the puppy is born, environment is 100% of how well that puppy will do within the possibility of his genetics.     
It is up to you to ensure a successful growth rate. 
GG Newfs will provide detailed information on these topics prior to you receiving your pup.


An overweight Newfoundland is very damaging to the hips, joints, and heart. 
Do not let your pup or dog become overweight. 

The dog should be given frequent moderate exercise.  This requires a commitment from the owner.  Keep your dog lean and provide frequent, moderate exercise.  

We will help you research the foods available in your area and can suggest brands we have successfully used.  
Gentle Giant Newfoundlands will provide additional information on what to look for when buying your dog food.  
Gentle Giant Newfs recommend both 
NuVet PlusŪ and NuJoint PlusŪ.  
To order, call 800-474-7044800-474-7044, Authorization code 27850. 
The website is 
 Your pup will gain 100+ pounds the first year of his life.  Supplements are very important, for joint/hip growth, and to supplement the additional vitamins needed.  Dog foods are not breed specific and do not take into consideration the rapid growth of the Newfoundland dog.

Early spay/neuter (prior to 12 months) can increase the likelihood of cancer, tumors, ligament ruptures, and hip dysplasia in early altered dogs. 

Early spay can cause incontinence in female dogs.

Gentle Giant Newfoundlands requires spay/neuter after 12 months of age and further recommends waiting to alter until 24 months of age.

Protect your growing pup from injuries, including helping in and out of vehicles, clean up water spills inside to prevent slipping, avoid stairs, and other considerations.
Gentle Giant Newfoundlands will provide information on protecting your pup/dog from injury and outdoor comfort care.
Gentle Giant Newfoundlands provides a written one year health warranty for congenital and hereditary defects.  A copy of the warranty is available for review prior to making a commitment.
We do not endorse a specific pet insurance company.  Do your research directly with the insurance company and make an informed decision.
GG Newfs is an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. participant (health tested breeding dogs).  As a result, AKC Pet Insurance offers a 10% discount on their premiums for our pups.  Additionally, you will receive a certificate for 30 days of free insurance.  Be sure to mention your pup is from an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder when researching the AKC policy and premium.
Large breed dogs can result in large medical bills.  Gentle Giant Newfoundlands recommends pet insurance.   Depending on the deductible, plan selected, and where you live, the cost is approximately $40 to $75 per month.  It is recommended you have pet insurance decisions made prior to the pup joining your home. 

Grooming, training, comforts such as bedding and toys, preventative care such as vaccinations, worm prevention, and dental care can all add up.  Budget a minimum of $100 to $200 per month (depending on where you live) for these expenses.

Food, supplements, and health insurance can result in expenses of $150 per month.  Adding in other considerations, mentioned above, your family should budget accordingly. 

Find a breeder that will be available to you for the life time of your pet. 
Your breeder should be a resource for all areas related to your Newfoundland,
including growth/development, grooming, behavior/training, and medical concerns.
The initial purchase price is minimal considering the commitment you and your breeder will be making.

Gentle Giant Newfoundlands is available to you for the life time of your pet.




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