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These are previous pups born at GG Newfs 
Every update and every photo is truly appreciated.

Hali & Willow pup
Resident of Utah


Gracie is training to be a diabetic alert dog



Hali and Willow pup

Resident of Kansas

Hi Lora!  I’m writing to let you know that Dover had his first visit to the vet yesterday and he stole the show!  All of the staff members quit what they were doing just to take time to play and pet him.  They said he is definitely going to be a favorite there! 

We are enjoying him so much.  He has the sweetest personality and does some of the silliest things.  What really gets us laughing is when he belly crawls completely across the floor, like GI Joe.  So....his full name is Gentle Giant Dover Joe!  That’s how he has been registered.

Attached is a picture of a boy and his puppy.....or is it a puppy and his boy?  Parker and Dover are already best friends.

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful creature!


WILLOW (gray pup)
Kovu & Steele pup
Resident of Texas

Willow joined fellow Newf, Lydia -
both born here at GGNewfs

Hi Lora, Hope this finds you well. Lydia has been certified for Therapy work for 1 yr. and she logged her 100th visit recently.  She received her THD Advance certificate from AKC. She is such a warm and loving soul to all she visits, the kids at school and in libraries to the elderly and the residents in memory care units.

Willow is doing great. She has started her Therapy training recently. I will send pictures of her shortly, she is a BIG girl!  

Take care, Carol


WILLOW - 8 months

Mattie (retired from breeding) & Willow pup
Resident of Colorado

  Hi Lora, attached is a picture of Boo-Boo in the snow. We had three feet since Friday and we can't keep him out of it! Must be the Newfoundland in him!!

Alan & Cindy


Mattie (retired) & Willow pup

Resident of Utah


Resident of Connecticut

Mattie (retired) & Steele pup

Hi Lora, I just wanted to send along pictures of our little girl. We decided to name her Stella. She is three months old today, and she's precious. We all love her very much. Our other dog, Gracie, loves having her around too, and Stella follows her everywhere. It's the cutest thing! We also brought her to the beach for the first time over the weekend and she loved it there. Thank you again for our new member of the family! We hope you and your family are doing well, and we will send you more updates soon.-Kiersten :)



Resident of Washington

Mattie (retired) & Steele pup

Max loves his new home....Thanks again Lora

He is growing!!!! And what a great dog!!!! Thanks Lora


Both born at GG Newfs living with their family

Residents of Colorado

Thor - Sadie (retired) & Mufasa (retired from breeding)

Lola - Kovu & Steele pup

LOLA - Kovu & Steele pup


THOR - Sadie & Mufasa pup



Resident of Colorado

Angel (retired) & Willow pup 


OKOYE on the left

Cinder & Diesel pup (both retired from breeding)

meeting his new brother SWAYZE on the right

Angel (retired) & Willow pup

both born at GG Newfs and living in Colorado



Resident of Montana

Sadie & Mufasa (both retired from breeding) pup

(Sadie & Mufasa are Roz's parents - shown under Our Females)

Wanted to let you know that letti is settling in beautifully.  We had an excellent travels home.  Wunder and Letti are great cuddle buddies now!  
We went on our first pack walk this am and Letti is doing well with heeling and being on the leash. She is truly a blessing and we are so thankful for her! 
Hope you are doing well and all your family "house work" is coming along Smiling face with smiling eyes




Resident of Texas

Mattie (retired) & Steele pup

Hi Lora!  Its Jenae.  Just wanted to send you a cute pic of our Moose today.  He is growing to a big boy!  He is doing great and we love him so much!  Thank you for such a gift.

Moose is doing well. We love him so much already, thank you Lora!


 Residents of Nebraska

Celia is a Sadie & Mufasa pup

George is a Mattie & Steele pup

Both born at GG Newfs living with their family in Nebraska



Celia has made it her job to keep track of the children. Anyone starts crying and she is there with kisses.  George is more of the quiet snuggling type, but his sister keeps him in line and teaches him everything he needs to know. They are both doing so well training with me while the kids are at school. They love when they get their one on one brushing sessions with mama.


Resident of Indiana

Angel & Willow pup


Resident of Georgia 

Mattie & Steele pup

My wife's comment was, "Is that a puppy or a bear cub, look at that paw"

Resident of Illinois 
Kovu & Steele pup  
Hi Lora - We wanted to send you an update on Rocky. He is a wonderful pup- we are so glad to have him.

The picture is the day after his 4 month birthday. He doesn't sit still long enough for a good picture though.

He is great with everyone he meets, he's great on our walks and he loves the other dogs we meet.

Thanks for breeding such loving animals. He makes my day, everyday!


LINUS & RUFUS Residents of Virginia

Kovu & Steele pups

both born at GG Newfs (littermates)

Hi Lora - They are truly lover boys and enjoy their snuggles when we get home from work. They have also become the stars of show when they visit the vet and bask in the attention they get there. They have picked up basic commands quickly and we will be taking them to puppy classes soon. I have attached a photo of each of them from last week.


EZRA - Resident of Wisconsin

Angel & Willow pup

Just letting you know Ezra made it home and all the dogs adjusting well to each other. He's such a character and quick to catch on.  It was nice meeting you and your dogs! 

Thanks, Kathy


GRACIE - Resident of California

Sarabi (retired)& Steele pup

Hi Lora,  Just wanted to let you know how much we love and are enjoying Gracie. She is wonderful!
She takes a shower with us in the mornings and this a picture after.
Hope all is well with you.
Thanks so much for our beautiful baby!
Mary Jane

SULLY - Resident of Texas

Angel & Willow pup

Service Dog in Training

Sully is 4 months old and doing great with his training here at Scout's Legacy! Thank you so much for this wonderful baby!!

My sweet boy, Sully, is doing well in his Service Dog training. He is a super smarty pants!

KODA - Resident of Alaska

Angel & Willow pup

Koda is such a wonderful pup, lots of fun and really has a beautiful personality! We just love her. Videos to come of her playing in water dish and walking with baby geese.


 Residents of California

Ted is a Cinna & Willow pup pictured at 2 years old (Cinna is retired from breeding)

Bob is an Ebony & Mufasa pup at 5 months old

Born at GG Newfs living with their family in California

GW - Resident of Colorado

Sarabi & Steele pup

This kid loves to sit here..I love him.

GW lives with Denali (Cinder & Diesel pup) with their family in Colorado


KOKOMO - Resident of Missouri

 Ebony & Mufasa Pup (both parents retired from breeding)

We want to thank you for this fabulous pup. I know the care and attention he received in his first 10 weeks played a huge role in his openness, his trusting nature, and his love of people. It's also a reflection on the soundness of his parents.

I'm attaching some images of Kokomo. I hope you enjoy seeing this beautiful boy growing up.


Maggie (6 months) and Ava age 4.

MAGGIE - Resident of Illinois
Ebony & Mufasa pup

Maggie 4 months old

Maggie (Mufasa/Ebony pup) and Ava walking in the park after a swim.

FINLEIGH - Resident of Illinois
Sadie & Willow pup
Finleigh - 18 weeks old
Lora - Here are some pics of Finleigh at 18 weeks. She graduates from puppy class next week. She is such a joy to us! I don't mind bragging that she is the smartest puppy in class!  I thought these pictures show her beautiful markings!  Toni and Ken

Good Morning…   Finleigh turned 1 year old on Oct 9th.  I have attached a couple pictures..  She is a wonderful dog! She is so friendly, loves people and other dogs.  She also really loves to go boating , swimming in the Lake and in the Pool. We are so happy she is part of our family!  Thank you , Ken



Good Morning   here is Finleigh @ 14weeks..   she had her 2nd vet visit last Wednesday. Vet said she is a perfect puppy! and the best Newfy puppy he has seen…  She is awesome and loves her new friend Charlie..    ( yellow lab we have )   Have a great day…  Thank you , Ken

Happy 1st Birthday George!!  
Lora....we can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog! This year has been such fun with him. He is a quick learner and follows me everywhere. Kisses to everyone he meets and of course....the most beautiful dog in the world:)!!!
Thank you so much 

 Resident of Nebraska
Sadie & Willow pup

Seriously...these eyes! George is a Sadie/Willow puppy

Apollo and Arielle decided to carve their own pumpkin this morning. Happy Halloween! They are Maddie/Willow pups! They make me laugh every day!
 Residents of Kansas
Mattie & Willow pups
Hey Lora-Just wanted to give you a quick update on how the pups are doing. We, and everyone who meets them, just LOVE them!!  I am so thankful that we decide on 2. Apollo, my big baby, would have been lost without his sister. He is so sweet and a bit clumsy!  He is constantly tripping over those big feet of his and seems to get himself stuck in places.  He loves water and sleeps with his head propped on the water bowl with one ear getting soaked.

Miss Arielle has lived up to her sassy reputation... She is my princess bossy pants!  She is DEFINATELY the leader of the pack.  She loves sassing back to our corgis who can't believe that we brought such evil little creatures into their home! 

I can't believe how smart these pups are!  They learned come and sit for a treat in less than a day. I am constantly tripping over them now as they are always checking my hands for treats.

Hope all is well with you!  Julie

CORDELIA - Resident of Colorado
Mattie & Willow Pup

Cordelia, almost 11 months, with her buddy Alex, 6. This breed is absolutely amazing with children. We couldn't ask for a better puppy and can't wait to get another.


LOLA - Resident of Georgia
Mattie & Willow pup

REAGAN - Resident of Florida
Sarabi & Steele Pup

Reagan on the left, Howie on the right. Both born at GG Newfs and living with their family in Florida

Rockie - Resident of Oklahoma
Sarabi & Steele pup

HI Lora
  I just wanted to stop bye and say thank you. Rockie is an amazing little man that we love so much.

 Rockie is currently in his first class to work towards his GCC and hopefully by the end of this year he will be working at the children's hospital as a therapy dog

Walter by the pool

WALTER - Resident of Minnesota
Sarabi & Steele Pup
Made it home with Walter safe and sound....and he seems pretty content. He was a great traveler!!!

Walter on the right with his newest family member
both born at GG Newfs and living with their family in Minnesota
black pup is an Ebony & Mufasa pup

Hi Lora,
The guys are doing well. It is hard to keep them out of the pool. They love it and swimming all the time

One Year Later!  Still loving the pool

DAPHNE - Resident of Virginia
Sadie & Willow Pup
Daphne loving the beach not the water so much yet but definitely loving the sand

Daphne can't get enough water

Teddy - Resident of Nebraska
Ebony & Steele pup

Hi Lora, we love our puppy! We named him Teddy and he has the sweetest, snugly personality. Thanks!


CHRISTIAN GRAY Resident of Ireland

First Gray Newfoundland in Ireland

Kovu & Steele pup

  • GG Newfs has three Newfoundlands living in Ireland
  • One brown from CoCo
  • One gray from Kovu & Steele
  • One black from Mattie & Willow

RAVEN - Resident of Kansas

Ebony & Steele pup

Miss Raven aka Girlfriend with her butterfly wings.... waiting for the tricksters..


Myla - Resident of Nebraska 
Ebony & Steele pup

Here is Myla..about 7 months and a big girl!! Sweet as can be with an attitude!!

Myla at 9 months old


EILIE - Resident of Ohio

Ebony & Diesel pup

(Diesel is no longer breeding)


GINGER ROSE - Resident of Texas
Ebony & Diesel pup
(Diesel is no longer breeding)
Hi Lora,
Hope things are good with you and your family.  I have been putting off sending you and update until now.  Thank you for such a wonderful dog, Ginger Rose has the best personality, and is a joy to our family. She just received her CDC last week, so she's been working hard.  She knows every Friday it's off to class she gets so excited, we will be continuing training and hopefully get into some therapy classes a little later.  Our family loves her, the kids laugh when they watch her drink water and she leaves a trail of water behind her.  They have been officially drool trained-and don't seem to mind it.  At her last weigh in in November she was 79.5 lbs. (sure she is more now), she sure is a beautiful looking Newfie. Guess you could say her cuteness makes up for her finding every spot were grass doesn't grow in the backyard and digging, or digging the sandbox until she is covered in sand and for the finale we go to the pool to dig our way clean.  It's a busy routine she has, and we remember that even though she is so big she is still a puppy. (it is fun to watch when you catch her).  Anyway just wanted to let you know the Ginger Rose is doing great, she's a fantastic addition to the family. She loves to play with the kids and our other two Goldens. I've attached some pictures of her.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Ginger Rose at 8 months old

REMY - Resident of Kansas
Ebony & Diesel pup
(Diesel is no longer breeding)
Remy is growing as fast as a weed. I try to take pictures all the time, but he would love nothing more than to get my camera in his mouth. Such a sweet boy. :) 
Dru and Joe
 We did family photos about three weeks ago. Remington says hello.  Lol. Dru and Joe

Remy likes to get close when I'm taking his picture. Sometimes too close

Resident of Nebraska
Ebony & Diesel pup
(Diesel is no longer breeding)

THEO - Resident of Colorado
Ebony & Diesel pup
Certified Therapy Dog



Hello Lora, I trust all is going well for you.  Attached is another picture of Theo.  This one was taken at one of the historical reenactment events earlier this summer.  Theo is just a rock star at these events - everyone wants to say hello to him.

I also recently met a couple at a park that had a black male that they acquired from you about a year ago which was named Ernie (to go with the golden retriever named Bert).  It was nice to see another one of your happy customers.  Theo and Ernie seemed to get along quite well. 

Thanks, John

 Theo successfully completed his training as a Therapy Dog and works at one of the hospitals in Denver. He has a wonderful time interacting with the patients, their families and the hospital staff. And yes, he does have his own picture ID badge.











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